80/94 FlexRoad Launches New Website

Project to improve traffic flow on Indiana’s busiest interstate corridor

80/94 FlexRoad is an Indiana Department of Transportation project to study innovative solutions to improve traffic flow and safety along Indiana’s busiest interstate corridor.A new and improved project website includes new maps, FAQs, updated project information and more.

The new website can be found at the same location, IndianaFlexRoad.com. Visitors are encouraged to sign up to receive project updates by email or text. The project is also launching project pages on Facebook and Twitter. Social media users are encourage to follow the new channels to stay up to date on project news and information.

The 14-mile project corridor extends from the IL 394 interchange in Cook County, Illinois to the I-65 interchange in Lake County, Indiana. The 80/94 FlexRoad Planning and Environment Linkages (PEL) study identified four alternatives to be analyzed in greater detail during the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) study currently underway.

The alternatives all include Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) strategies, including dynamic shoulder lanes, variable speed limits, ramp metering, lane control and queue warning systems. Other possible improvements include improved signage, event management and interchange improvements at Broadway/I-65 to reduce backups and increase capacity.

Each alternative includes a combination of possible improvement strategies with increasing amounts of complementary benefits. The NEPA Study is expected to be finalized in late 2024 and will identify a preferred alternative. The project is expected to let in summer 2026 with construction anticipated in late 2026.

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